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Hancang Metallurgical Materials is a leading manufacturer and supplier of ferro silicon,ferro silicon manganese,silicon metal,ferro chrome and so on.


The company has domestic advanced smelting furnaces,crushing and screening production lines with annual output of 20000 tons


Established in 2012, lt covers an area of 150,000 square meters,have220 staffs,more than thirty percent for professional technicians.

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Our company has two laboratories and a metallurgical materials testing center with dozens of senior researchers,stable and reliable product quality.

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Anyang Hancang Metallurgical Materials Co., Ltd.

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company news
china latest news about Do you Know Rare earth magnesium ferrosilicon?
On September 22, 2021
Rare earth magnesium ferrosilicon alloy is an alloy made of ferrosilicon, calcium, magnesium, rare earth, etc. through melting. It is a good magnesium ferrosilicon and has a strong deoxidizing and desulfurizing effect. Ferrosilicon, rare earth ore, metal magnesium It is the main raw material for ...
china latest news about Why Choose High Carbon Ferro Silicon ?
On September 22, 2021
High carbon silicon, also called silicon carbon alloy, is a new type of high-efficiency silicon-increasing and carbon-increasing alloy material prepared by special processing technology using high-purity carbon powder, metal silicon powder and low sulfur low-sulfur low-nitrogen carbon material. The ...