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September 22, 2021

Why Choose High Carbon Ferro Silicon ?

High carbon silicon, also called silicon carbon alloy, is a new type of high-efficiency silicon-increasing and carbon-increasing alloy material prepared by special processing technology using high-purity carbon powder, metal silicon powder and low sulfur low-sulfur low-nitrogen carbon material. The high carbon silicon has high density, high purity, without pollution to molten steel after using, high recovery rate and stable. So high carbon silicon is the best product to replace part of ferro silicon, silicon carbide, recarburizer, reducing the amount of deoxidizer. And it is easy to operate and does not increase equipment. The high carbon silicon is praised by customers.


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The advantages of silicon carbon alloy:


1. Deoxidation advantages of silicon carbon alloy

The silicon-carbon alloy contains silicon element. After the silicon-carbon alloy is added in the steel-making process, the silicon element reacts with oxygen to make the oxygen in the molten steel deoxidize to improve the hardness and quality of the steel, and the silicon element in the silicon-carbon alloy Oxygen has a good affinity, so the molten steel still has the characteristics of not splashing after being put in.


2. The advantages of silicon carbon alloy slag collection

Silicon-carbon alloys also have the advantage of slag collection. Putting a certain proportion of silicon-carbon alloys in molten steel can make the oxides in the steelmaking process clump together quickly, which is convenient for filtration treatment, making the molten steel more pure and greatly improving the density and hardness of the steel. 


3. The advantages of silicon carbon alloy to increase furnace temperature

Silicon-carbon alloys are good temperature-resistant materials. Putting silicon-carbon alloys in the steel-making process can raise the furnace temperature, increase the conversion rate of iron alloys, and accelerate the reaction speed of molten steel and elements.


4. Silicon carbon alloy allows many manufacturers to save costs

Today, ferroalloy materials are more expensive. As a new type of metallurgical materials, silicon-carbon alloys are favored by many manufacturers because their prices are lower than traditional metallurgical materials. Silicon-carbon alloys can replace expensive metallurgical materials such as ferrosilicon and achieve unexpected results. Satisfactory results, so the use of silicon-carbon alloys can save manufacturers' costs and increase profits;

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